The Calling..

For almost the last year and a half I’ve been asking, praying, believing and seeking my purpose from the Lord. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m called to do great things I just wasn’t sure what my specific lane would be. After all, hasn’t it all already been covered someway? somehow? Yes! But not from the life of Jesus in This woman! 

Man, life has been filled with so many good things and so many character building moments but what’s important is to be aligned with how he will be using it ALL forHis  glory. The gospel and Jesus makes sooo much sense to me now for my specific calling! The loop holes have all been shut and I understand how Jesus wants life to be for me and how to spread that word to others. 

Here’s how it all came about: So after cooking lunch for my hubby yesterday. The Holy Spirit put on my heart to journal. Besides this blog I actually physically write as well. So Of course I leaped into it! I love journaling. And then it began..

I could barely get through the writing as the Holy Spirit was guiding my thoughts and revealing to me my story for this world. I couldn’t contain it! I began praise and worship and then I just broke out in tears. I just couldn’t believe how unselfish and good God was and is my life! He bought full revelation, like 360 degrees as to why my life had become all it had been since I re dedicated my life to Him! And seven pages later it was all revealed. Right there smack dab on the pages that lay before me. I remember ending the entry by saying “man this journal will be worth billions on day.” That was simply because of the unique and deep revelation of the kingdom that now I was in possession of. Perhaps the coolest part of it all is that I have this entry to reference my entire life. No second guessing, no forgetting what parts I heard from the Holy Spirit because it’s all right there. Do you see how awesome He is! AWESOME. Pure genius!👏🏽 

All I can say for now is watch out. Right now, no one even really knows about this blog let alone my journaling but soon and very soon you will know my name. The higher I go in Him, the higher he elevates me to increased influence, life, manifestation and purpose. We are only going up from here. 

Today, I challenge you. Just lay out your thoughts on paper to the Holy Spirit. Get to  a quiet place and let Him speak to you and don’t leave until He does!

To God be all glory honor dominion and power. 

Holy Spirit! Thank you, thank you, thank you!